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Adjud, judetul Vrancea



Located downtown Adjud, Adial restaurant offers the chance and the place where you can enjoy traditional Romanian dishes. Organizes weddings, baptisms and other events.... [read more]

Specific: Romanian
Venus, judetul Constanta



The restaurant, with a capacity of hosting 140 people, offers traditional and international dishes and ability to host major events, receptions, cocktails or any other social and cultural events.... [read more]

Specific: Romanian, International
Capacity: 140
Cluj-Napoca, judetul Cluj

Ali Baba


Ali Baba Restaurant awaits you with the best Turkish specialties in the heart of Cluj.... [read more]

Specific: International, Turkish
Opens at: 10:00
Closes at: 22:00
Baile 1 Mai, judetul Bihor



Allegria Hotel will provide an elegant salon and a gothic wine cellar wine with a capacity of 90 seats. Here you can enjoy dishes from Romanian and internationl cuisine, the house specialty is beef mu... [read more]

Specific: Romanian, International
Capacity: 120
Poiana Brasov, judetul Brasov



' As promised, at Alpin Resort Hotel **** we want to delight your senses. One by one, or all at once! What can be more enjoyable than a square , rich meal, which paved the way to happy all day?Wit... [read more]

Specific: International
Capacity: 200
Brasov, judetul Brasov



Located in the old center of Brasov, on Street Republic No. 60, the Ambassador Restaurant has established a reputation both for its wide range of dishes offered but and for the comfort, luxury, elegan... [read more]

Specific: Romanian, International
Capacity: 45

Hanul Haiducilor

Ramnicu Valcea, judetul Valcea

Phone0250 717956
0741 242347
0741 242307
AddressCalea lui Traian, 209
Fax0250 717956
0741 242347
Opens at09:00
Closes at03:00


Hanul Haiducilor Restaurant was opened in 2003, in August, in a place that was also a restaurant destination. The restaurant's specialties are traditional Romanian.

The space was renovated entirely changing from a modern location into a traditional environment which through the traditional elements of decor, delights the customer and gives a feeling of time travel where people ate in Romanian style, healthy, a lot and good.
Both inside and outside walls are dressed in brick and wood of massive fir.

Traditional elements of decor (peasant costumes, old shirts sewn by hand, chest of drawers, the iron with coal, ripe ears of corn, old pots of soil in which food was once made, bowls and plates painted in the region of Horezu) complete the touch of elegance and good taste of the restaurant.

The furniture is made of solid pine wood, the tables are large and spacious and there are comfortable seats. The floor is made of boards of pine varnished. Hanul Haiducilor Restaurant offers its clients a total of 175 seats, of which 105 seats inside and 70 on the terrace. Inside the premises is played popular (Romanian folk) music.

The kitchen menu proposes no less than 162 specialties divided as follows: specialties, hot and cold snacks, soups, grilled, Romanian dishes, trimmings, prepared by post, salads and desserts. The restaurant offers its clients 15 parking spaces in front of the premises.

Among the traditional dishes that are served in the restaurant  we remind the stuffed cabbage with jelly, pepper and polenta, bone with garlic, cabbage and haricot bean, ribs with baked cabbage, delicious plates, garnish, salads and desserts.

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