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Elena Udrea signed a financing contract through the Regional Operational Programme in Tulcea

Regional development and tourism minister, Elena Udrea, signed today, 27 May, in Tulcea, a financing contract with the Regional Operational Programme, which aims at improving tourism in the monasteries from Tulcea by improving the access infrastructure and the environment.

The project will take place over a period of 23 months and has a total value of 75,880,405.41 RON.

The objectives are: improving access and mobility in the North Dobrogea Monasteries Saon, Celic-Dere si Cocos, increasing tourism's contribution to the development in the region and increasing the tourism attractiveness of the area. Following the investments made, is expected to increase site area targets from 60,000 to 100,000 tourists per year, creating 400 new jobs and increase local budget revenues by 75%.

The project is submitted under Priority Axis 2 - Improving regional and local transport infrastructure, key area of intervention 2.1 on the rehabilitation and upgrading of county roads, city streets, including construction / rehabilitation of ring roads.

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