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European strategy in the Danube region - opportunities for regional economies involved

Stakeholders interested in the opportunities opened by EU Strategy for the Danube Region attended the national conference on 'European strategy in the Danube region - opportunities for regional economies involved', organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Romanian Senate.

"In economic terms, implementation of this strategy will create new opportunities in Romania for business by improving accessibility, further expansion and modernization of port infrastructure, airport, road and rail system by creating a multi-modal transport, development and expansion of infrastructure utilities. The priority number 1 for Romania is the Danube river corridor that connects the Black Sea region states", said Minister Elena Udrea.

By the end of this year the EU Strategy for the Danube region will be completed, a regional development model at European level initiative launched by Romania and Austria in 2008.

Danube Delta Strategy is an international strategy of the European Union to which are invited to attend also third countries bordering on and observe the three principles applied in the case of the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region. The three areas proposed by the European Commission and on the strategy will focus are: connectivity (transport, energy, telecommunications), environmental protection and water management, socio-economic development (culture, education, tourism, rural development).

The conference was attended by parliamentarians, representatives of employers, unions, civil society in the region bordering the Danube.

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