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Legends of Brasov - Round trip in Brasov

Legends of Brasov - Round trip in Brasov
Travel period: 4 days / 3 nights

Here, nothing is left to chance. And everything is legend. From the alley recognized at European level, the Rope’s Street, and up to the tragedy of the biggest Gothic monument in Romania - the Black Church, the curiosities of Brasov write each day a legend. The modern combines with history, once mingled with the old style of buildings and streets. The Gothic, the Roman, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Art Nouveau, Brancoveanu styles - are all present in the fortress’, churches’, cathedrals’ and the gates’ walls, which Brasov harmoniously hosts.
Spring in the town’s square, Piata Sfatului, is fresh, and in autumn the air is colorful. Winters are magical and summers are intimate. Here, where chance is met with grace, the citizen’s life slowly flows among the cameras and the admiring gaze of tourists. Because the silence over the city watches upon the local legends and makes any other stories to be redundant.


Day 1

Departure for Brasov, Transfer to hotel, Guided round trip of Brasov, Accommodation will be in Brasov.

Day 2

Breakfast, Guided round trip of Brasov.

Visited tourist attractions in the first two days of the trip:

Council Square

Council Square was known in the Middle Ages and the modern times as the place where were held numerous exhibitions and events. Council Square was the meeting point for traders come from the Romanian Countries and Hungary. Thus Brasov had a well established commercial role for the Saxon and Romanian population.

The Black Church

Located in the heart of Romania in a nature of a rare beauty, Brasov impresses with its tumultuous history of 800 years. The Black Church, the main tourist attraction in the center of Brasov, plays an important role, being one of the most important and impressive monuments built by the Transylvanian Saxons in their 850-year history. The length of the Black Church is 89 meters, the church being the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Constantinople. The curch’s building was begun in the Gothic style with the support of the first-priest Thomas Sander in 1383 on the site of a church dating from the first half of XIII century.

Day 3

Breakfast, visiting the city is on your own or by choice one of the optional excursions, accommodation will be in Brasov at 3, 4 or 5 stars hotel.

Day 4

Transfer to the station, departure to Bucharest.
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