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One day round trip to Sinaia

One day round trip to Sinaia
Distance: 120 km from Bucharest

Nature, peace, comfort and privacy. All these are attributes of the mountain resort Sinaia situated in Prahova Valley. And all these support the charm of this place since the first hours spent here. At the foot of the Bucegi mountains, on the plateau descending to Prahova Valley, at an altitude of 800-1000 m, Sinaia seems a living city just for tourists, in armony with their feelings, generous with natural beauty.

Visited touristic sites

Peles Castle

After the King's death, tourists were allowed to visit Peles Castle Museum. And the honor is, indeed, for the visitor: because, starting with the garden, patio and the castle's exterior and until the paintings and decorations of the impressive rooms - Peles Castle rises up and rewards the expectations. Only inside there are 160 rooms decorated in various architectural styles (German, English, Italian Renaissance, German Baroque, Hispano-Moorish, French Rococo).

Sinaia Monastery

Built in the eighteenth century, the monastery is the first building erected on that territory. Old, dedicated to the "Assumption", built in Brancoveanu style, Sinaia Monastery captures tranquility and beauty. The painting of the porch and narthex (Pantocratorul) was largely preserved in original and is the work of Pârvu Mutu, painter preferred by the Cantacuzino family. The paintings of the porch's dome illustrate moments of the life of Saint Catherine (protector of the Monastery on Mount Sinai), of Saint Dumitru (protector of the Romanian Country) and of Saint Gheorghe (protector of Moldavia and the servicemen).

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