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Round trip around Sibiu

From the Saxons’ lores – round trip around Sibiu
Travel period: 1 day

In the castles of the medieval town lived those who contributed to the welfare of village. Tanners, potters, firemen, masons or locksmiths - each guild was in charge of a defense tower and the others were excluded, living outside the fortress’s walls. That was the order in the medieval Sibiu.
Meanwhile, Austrian principalities have left their mark on the habits and radically altered the course of things, in dozens bittersweet years in which the Saxons adopted the Romanians and vice versa. So, today we owe Sibiu equally to the Saxons: they speak only as much about Maria Teresa here as in Vienna!
The legacy is even more valuable the more Hermannstadt is a multicultural city, where the dialogue is set between faiths and architectural styles.

The round trip "The Saxons’ lores" includes visiting the following cities: Sibiu - Medias - Biertan - Sighioara - Sibiu.

Saint Margaret Fortified Church

In the center of Medias it is found Saint Margaret Church, an evangelical temple which, after centuries of silence, completes the medieval city of old times. Around the church there can be seen today defensive fortifications: double walls and the towers.

The Fortified Church from Biertan

Three fortified walls, stone carvings, wood carved figurines representing characters involved in the Crucifixion, painted scenes from the life of Mary and Jesus' childhood and figures of saints, "the Catholics’ tower" - a perfect example of Gothic art. At this we add the Church’s natural framing in the city’s harmony and the fresh air of history which, after 500 years, still represents the fortified church from Biertan.

Sighisoara City Tour

Unique in Romania, rare in Europe. Sighisoara Fortress is still inhabited today, making it a historical dowry in the current medieval complex of military, civil and ecclesiastical architecture. However, Sighisoara is torn from the modernity due to the narrow streets, the glossy cubic stone, the lamps and rough brick walls, the towers (Goldsmiths’, Shoemakers’, Furriers’, the Clock Tower, Smiths’, Ropers’, Butchers’), the churches (the church on the hill, the lepers church, the Roman Catholic Churc), the House with Stag, the School on the hill, the Orthodox Cathedral, Vlad Dracul House, the monument "La Chip", the people.
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