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Sibiu - Sighisoara - Brasov

Panorama - round trip Sibiu - Sighisoara - Brasov
Travel period: 5 days / 4 nights

Looks fly from one rooftop to another, from confused image of statues in the central markets to the rhythmic movements of walks, from pastel colours and the intuitive curiosity to study what happens beyond the high, Saxon fences. Because, what Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov have in common, are the panoramas with therapeutic effects upon the soul. Beyond the silence, grandeur and beauty of cities, the panoramic view of the cities shares with each tourist a bit of the dream having a photographer’s career.


Day 1

Pick up at the airport, Sibiu City Tour, Departure to Sighisoara, Accommodation in Sighisoara.


Today, over the tiles in the city’s center walk each day thousands of people. A few hundred years ago in the same Big Square (Piata Mare in Romanian) stood locked in a "cage of fools" those who contravened the public policy and the witches were burned ... But the truly magical stories of Sibiu are those that write each tourist's imagination - once surrounded on all sides by colored buildings, once the hand passes over the crack in the wall hundreds of years old, once the photo of the the city’s emblem, feeds the pigeons and feels the medieval city from the height of the tower. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Sibiu is worth a thousand tales about the romantic air of the past. And the stories still flow over the place where once, not long ago, theater plays were put in scene, annual fairs were held, pigeons were housed on the roof of the Catholic Church, philosophers were seeking their muses, waving flags on the houses’ roofs and the soldiers whispered to their loved ones sweet talk on the "Liars’ Bridge".

Day 2

Breakfast, Sighisoara City Tour, The afternoon is free, Accommodation in Sighisoara.


Unique in Romania, rare in Europe. Sighisoara Fortress is still inhabited today, making it a historical dowry in the current medieval complex of military, civil and ecclesiastical architecture. However, Sighisoara is torn from the modernity due to the narrow streets, the glossy cubic stone, the lamps and rough brick walls, the towers (Goldsmiths’, Shoemakers’, Furriers’, the Clock Tower, Smiths’, Ropers’, Butchers’), the churches (the church on the hill, the lepers church, the Roman Catholic Churc), the House with Stag, the School on the hill, the Orthodox Cathedral, Vlad Dracul House, the monument "La Chip", the people.

Day 3

Breakfast, Departure to Brasov, Brasov City Tour, Accommodation in Brasov.


From the alley recognized at European level, the Rope’s Street, and up to the tragedy of the biggest Gothic monument in Romania – the Black Church, the curiosities of Brasov write each day a legend. The modern combines with history, once mingled with the old style of buildings and streets. The Gothic, the Roman, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Art Nouveau, Brancoveanu styles - are all present in the fortress’, churches’, cathedrals’ and the gates’ walls, which Brasov harmoniously hosts.
Spring in the town’s square, Piata Sfatului, is fresh, and in autumn the air is colorful. Winters are magical and summers are intimate. Here, where chance is met with grace, the citizen’s life slowly flows among the cameras and the admiring gaze of tourists. Because the silence over the city watches upon the local legends and makes any other stories to be redundant.

Day 4

Breakfast, Visit to Bran, Accommodation in Brasov.


Bran area offers a delightful contrast between strong lands and valleys deepened by gorges, caves and the mountain on the edges. From Moeciu Gorge, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mounatins, Dambovicioara Cave, Rasnov Fortress, the Saxon fortresses from Prejmer and Harman - Bran area represents the paradise of any tourist wishful of legends, history and nature.
Visited touristic sites - Bran Castle
The structure is typical for the XIV century fortifications, but nothing else follows norms when it comes to Bran Castle! Located in Bran – Rucar Step, 30 km from the urban influence of Brasov, the castle includes in its interior and exterior facades architectural elements from different historical ages of inspiration.

Day 5

Breakfast, transfer to Airport.
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