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Sighisoara Fortress

Sighisoara, judetul Mures

Sighisoara is a medieval fortress with architectural ensembles made in rural Gothic style, but also in Renaissance and Baroque styles, which are the result of a constructive effort appeared later in t [read more]

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Barsana Monastery

judetul Maramures, Maramures

The Monastery “Synaxis of the 12 Holy Apostles" from Barsana is a convent, located at 22 km southeast of the Sighetu Marmatiei city, at the exit of Barsana, to the Slatioara bridge, where t [read more]

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Voronet Monastery

Gura Humorului, judetul Suceava

Founded by Stefan cel Mare, Voronet Monastery church dedicated to "St. Gheorghe" is a synthesis of Byzantine and Gothic elements, made in an original manner. With a brilliant ingenuity, with [read more]

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The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBRA)

Delta Dunarii, judetul Tulcea

With Romania's adhesion to the Ramsar Convention in 1991, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBRA) was recognized as a wetland of international importance especially as waterfowl habitat. Taking into ac [read more]

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Humor Monastery

Gura Humorului, judetul Suceava

Situated at a distance of 5 to 6 km of Gura Humorului, Humor Monastery is one of the most famous foundations of the Romanian Middle Ages. It was built in 1530 by Toader Bubuiog, member of the divan of [read more]

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Hurezi (Horezu) Monastery

Horezu, judetul Valcea

Among the historical monasteries, which decorates the Romanian ground, Hurezi Monastery is considered, along with its hermitages, the most representative architecture complex, defining the Brancoveanu [read more]

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Nopcsa Castle

Hunedoara, judetul Hunedoara

AddressSat Sacel,


Nopcsa Castle was the residence of one of the strangest Transylvanian family and was built with a sober architecture. It can be seen today in the village Sacel between Santamaria Orlea and Rau de Mori, with access to the DJ 686 (county road).

The building is in a advanced state of decay, but still breaths the terrible history of the Nopcsa clan. The castle is about 200 years, but the family Nopcsa, who had here its last residence, is documentary certified in 1367. Former property of the family, the castle of Sacel, reminds of a forgotten world today.

The history of Nopcsa family blends with the past of several noble families in Transylvania. Their names, Nopchia, which means "night", was Magyarized by Laszlo Nopcsa, the man whose mystery was not found out even today. In 1848, Laszlo Nopcsa still considered him as a Romanian and attended the National Assembly of Romanians in Blaj in 1848.

Among the family members there have been prefects of Hunedoara County, Imperial knights of various orders, government advisers and Chancellors of the Court for Transylvania, members of the Royal Ministry, members of the Royal House, deputy chief of the Royal Army Unit, heads over tax, paleontologists, botanicals, directors of the National Theater of Opera in Budapest. All their family was perpetuated each time by a single successor to the male line.

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